All Weddings Great & Small

I’ll be there, unobtrusively capturing your day as it unfolds: the joy, laughter, the tears, your wedding day story in pictures, because after the day has whizzed past you'll be left with your photographs to re-live the day.

All weddings are different and they come in various shapes and sizes and packaging. Some weddings are indoor, outdoor, in a barn, in the garden, massive, intimate or venues miles away from each other. Thats why I love weddings, the uniqueness of each one is what makes them special and a privilege to be asked to capture.


Photographing a wedding can be a challenge, its a live event after all.  I've been to weddings where the rings have gone off in a taxi, the groom needs a hand to put his tie on, the speeches are a real tear jerker and I've had no tissues, but regardless of what the day has in store, i'll be ready to capture those moments that make your day unequivocally yours.

What makes for great pictures on the day?  Well for me its all about you being you, surrounded by your loved ones, celebrating that you love one another.  There's not much else to it.  If you are interested in booking me as your photographer please get in touch, I would love to hear your story