Children's Portraits

Natural, relaxed pictures of your children that capture their unique personalities and provide a lasting reminder of their childhood for generations to come.

All children are unique creatures full of imagination and curiosity.  I find that outdoor sessions really let their personalities shine through.  By meeting you at your home or somewhere you love going to as a family, they feel relaxed and its fun for them doing something they love and you doing something fun with them. 

Home time means playing games, fun in the garden, reading stories together,  bouncing or snuggles on the bed, baking or crafting. Documenting how we spend family time together is what will matter when we think back to sharing time together.

Outdoors, Is full of energy, space to roam and engaging with the surrounding is what shines through in these images.

Studio sessions are a bit different.  Its more about using a created environment and images are more static.  It can take a bit of coaxing for some children to be natural in this environment.  I would always consider what type of session will suit your family.

Children don't stop being children when they reach double digits.

Older teenagers are just as important.When you look back through the photo archives we tend to have less and less photographs of our children as they approach adolescence and beyond, but there is just as much to look back on as they grow and develop their own style and interests.