Newborns and Babies


Expecting a new arrival?

Capture those precious first few moments as babies grow so quickly and those memories are priceless.

Enquire about a watch me grow session. Delightful moments from your baby's first incredible year. Precious times to look back at with wonder. Three sessions capturing your baby during their first few weeks, at around 7/8 months and their milestone first birthday

Newborn shoots are best when your baby is brand new, ideally up to 14 days new.  This type of session is best booked before your baby has arrived and I will keep in touch with you until your arrival is here so we have a suitable date for you both to attend. Studio creative sessions are carried out with your baby's comfort and safety at the forefront.  These sessions are baby led and not bound by time.

Not everyone likes the same type of photographs.  I prefer to find out what type of photographs you would like of your baby and work with that in mind.    I aim to deliver you a set of photographs to treasure forever


See below for some examples


At Home

At home sessions are a wonderful way to capture your first few weeks bonding together.  It encapsulates family life and is more documentary and focuses on real moments together.

Creative session

Studio sessions are more about focusing on baby and capturing snoozing bundles of newness. Perfect for beautiful wall art



Milestone sessions are perfect to celebrate when your baby is a bit older, perhaps they have started smiling or can sit up or they are on the move.  This is where you can capture their personality developing and is perfect for first birthdays too


Watch me Grow

Why not capture your new addition in their first year.  3 sessions from newborn until they turn one or start taking those wobbly first steps.  Newborn session, sitter session and first birthday.  Brilliant for documenting that first year of growth.