Preparing for your photo session


Does it matter what we wear?



Suitable footwear please! It can be muddy if its been wet. 

Layers are good, it can create texture and a point of difference in your pictures.

Hats, scarves and gloves are great in winter.

Think about what will look great in years to come, I would try and avoid

cartoons and motifs.  

Try looking below for some inspiration.  

At the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable being you


Good old Scottish Weather means you may need something for all occasions,

make sure Children are warm enough too.

​Bikes, scooters, kites, teddies and so on.... great bring them too

if it helps your children be themselves

Hungry and tired children are not generally the best subjects to photograph,

bear this in mind when you book so you can get the best out of them


Think about what will look good against your chosen backdrop.  

If you are planning on classic white background, then brights look great,

try to avoid white which will blend in.